We project social and accessible spaces to be shared

Building is a biological process. Building is not an aesthetic process.” (H. Meyer)

I am simply a workman. That is where I started out and I believe everything I have done in life has been done very simply.” (Jean Prouvé)

To this studio, architecture is a workshop trade which requires a long participatory learning with a clear social purpose. We based our work on these pillars with thouroughness and measure.

Would you like to know more about us?

Our background is quite heterogeneous, although our profile focuses on restoration and accessibility. In these pages you can see the project and the work finalised. Our intention is always to analyse the buildings we are entrusted in order to give solutions that would preserve their value and to intervene without bragging, with discretion and simplicity.

Where? How? What for? These are the questions which make an architecture project start. We answer them through a concept of arquitecture given by the principles of firmitas, utilitas and venustas (Vitruvio, 1st century AD). They teach us that a good project goes necessarily through a process of deep knowledge of the location, of the construction, of the materials and of the economy of the resources.

(…) The things I know, even a dummy knows them (…)” (Échate un cantecito, Kiko Veneno)

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