Swiss Embassy Seoul

The project was conceived with the intention of responding to a place surrounded by tall buildings. For this reason the project’s intention is to create an intimate “world” with connections between patios that offer pleasant views from the inside. Volumetrically it is composed of three monolithic pieces: the greenhouse, the chancellery and the residence. The greenhouse functions as the key of the project, an intermediate filter preventing the other two volumes connect visually. The union between them is made through two smaller constructions with curved decks that emphasize the interior space and its connection with the exterior. To protect the privacy between the different volumes, patios are landscaped with lines of bushes, trees, lotus ponds and small islands of vegetation similar to Korean gardens. -77 Songwol-gil, Songwol-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea-


Seoul, South Korea


August 2012


José Manuel Guerrero Vega
Amalia Ogando Herranz
Elena Guillermina Guerrero Ogando
Pablo José Pérez Micó

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